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Our responsibilities and your rights

As you know, for proper website functionality we depend on the publicly available data or this data you provide voluntarily upon registration. Only with this data, we ensure the confident level of data quality is met.
Nevertheless, outdated information or deviations from real world data may occur. In case you notice any incorrect information or wording, or you think the data violates your privacy our customer support team will be grateful to assist with any questions. Please contact us via privacy@findsurgery.eu.
Legal entities may be entitled, in accordance with applicable law, to object or to request restriction of processing its data, and to request access to or rectification of their Data. Requests should be submitted by contacting us by emailing registration@findsurgery.eu.
You may lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the EU Member State of your habitual residence, if you consider that our processing of your publicly available data infringes applicable law.
According to the law, Findsurgery.eu takes responsible to respond or to action within three days from the moment of a received notice about data noncompliance.

Liability for authentic personal and affiliation data, information on products

No other data beyond publicly available is collected by us automatically except of these you provide by yourself. We can ensure that we oblige ourselves on strict confidentiality and to act according to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
By processing with registration on FindSurgery.eu you automatically comply with your personal data consent. The user takes responsibility to provide authentic personal data.
Representatives of legal entities are obliged to provide reliable data only. After the clinic’s account starts to moderate its clinics, we are automatically exempted from data content credibility. In case of any unverified information that cannot be proven (e.g. fake treatment surgeries) or has no evidence (e.g. in peer reviewed scientific literature), we reserve the right to delete the information from our database FindSurgery.eu as well as to confine functionality of clinic’s account.

Legal basis of FindSurgery.eu

Findsurgery.eu is a social platform that provides information about medical institutions and their available services from publicly accessible sources as well as provides patients with the opportunity to leave feedback or exchange their opinion with representatives of legal entities.
We may interpret scientific data of an article differently to that opinion of other authors. It is our individual assessment based on our clinical experience.
The creation and use of the Findsurgery.eu website is, in principle, only a reflection of freedom of expression and does not contradict the provisions of legal acts regulating the field of public information. In this case, the essential thing is that we as a disseminator manage the freely published information. Therefore, the additional processing of this information, by changing its form and supplementing its content, provides the public with more detailed information, but does not constitute a basis for imposing liability on the disseminator of public information.


Data excerpts in article sections “News”, “Clinical Research” and “Surgery Techniques” and originally appearing in sources (e.g. web pages) under CC (Creative Common) are republished with a proper credit to the copyright owner. We do not repost other articles. Otherwise we are obliged to ask the copyright owner for a kind permission in order to make it available on FindSurgery.eu. Such data may comprise graphs, charts and other clinical content.
Excerpts from any article without being liable for copyright infringement fall within the Fair Use Doctrine and eliminate exact phrasing or sequence of words from the original source. We obey guidelines to comply Fair Use politics and provide only transformative information, where possible, extended with our comments or criticism. We do not cite a significant proportion of any work. All quotations shall not impact market value of its original work.
All unpublished scientific data is referenced or being accessible from open access online databases. All pictures not from FindSurgery.eu are shown with a kind permission of third parties, i.e. clinics etc.
Only officially approved medical devices are available in the search field and are collected by our system automatically. Any incorrect spelling of the laser system or other medical device will be amended by request via the aforementioned email info@findsurgery.eu address.

Articles under section “Surgery Techniques”

These articles comprise an overview on state-of-the-art technologies on ophthalmology market and comprise individual opinion of Findsurgery.eu. Other articles that are not compiled by FindSurgery.eu are presented in sections “News” and “Clinical Research” (see below).

Articles under section “News”

All information with regard to state-of-the-art technology is obtained from scientific literature or other Top Notch sources which will be referenced respectively. State-of-the-art methods including its results may also be presented in this section with a kind permission of the owner.

Articles under section “Clinical Research”

We fully understand authors’ intention to publish their work first in more respectable sources and do not wish to deny them that opportunity. FindSurgery is exempted from the data quality provided from surgeons or third parties but will do the best proofing its content.
Data posted on findSurgery.eu by request of a medical institution shall be obtained through studies based on legal activities only (illegal activities will be excluded from consideration) and conducted in accordance with international guidelines (e.g. Good Clinical Practice (GCP)) and ethical principles (e.g. Declaration of Helsinki). According to the Law, third parties are obliged to collect the clinical data upon patient consent. Only non-copyright data from clinical studies may be published on FindSurgery.eu
Special advertising information may be obtained by consent of the manufacturer. FindSurgery has no conflict of interests and is not interested in promoting any single party or its interests.